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Catalogablog-a-go-go (and a Must Read Book)

Another blog I follow is David Bigwood’s Catalogablog.

Catalogablog can be cataloging-intensive, as well it should be, but I track it because this blog reviews issues related to cataloging as it should be discussed in the 21st century, with plenty of props for METS and MODS and OAI, oh my. Speaking of oh my, I said that out loud–actually, I said “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!”–when I read this Catalogablog post mentioning that Ben Hammersley was coming out with a new book about RSS and Feeds. Hammersley’s earlier book, Content Syndication with RSS, is never more than two feet from my desk. (O.k., I do have a very small office, but that does mean it’s within chair-rolling range.) This book was important, really central, when I needed to figure out what the hell RSS was and why I cared, and just this last Friday I was pondering it when I was looking at a feed proposed for MPOW. Finding out about Hammersley’s new title pre-publication is ever so yummy. Spying Chapter 2 online through the O’Reilly website was whipped cream and a cherry on top, particularly after I had been hinting ever so delicately in my shy blushing way to MPOW‘s new developers that darlings, anyone who is anyone offers RSS 2 as their standard feed.

Where was I in this post before I fainted at the feet of Ben Hammersley? Oh, yes: Catalogablog, which I wanted to tell you is well-written and pleasantly matter-of-fact, if a bit terse by FRL’s admittedly prolix stylistic yardstick. If you’re a cataloger, you’re already reading it, but you might not realize you can recommend Catalogablog to the rest of us, and we can get a lot from it, too.

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