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Write, Be Famous!

I know that what you’re really thinking today is “When RLG merges with OCLC, will they become OCLCRG” (with the spare “library” dropped)? AWK-el-kerg–there’s a suitable acronym for Them What Intends To Rule All Things Biblish.

However, while you’re rearranging that acronym in your head, give yourself time to ponder the Sloppy Seconds With Opal Mehta Contest from a blog called The Morning News (spied through my aggregator on Michelle Richmond’s San Serif blog, though the link seems to be broken). A 750 word piece in other people’s words? Wonder if I could do it from two years’ worth of creative nonfiction classics..? Surely it’s time that Perry (from In Cold Blood) met Joan Didion and Richard Rodriguez…

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