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Wifi at ALA Annual!

Hot diggity dog! Bloggers, surfers, and compulse email-checkers, rejoice! ALA Executive Director Keith Fiels just advised Council that at ALA Annual this June in Chicago, “Wireless connectivity will be … available for the first time to attendees at a highly discounted rate.” This is fab news. I also asked Keith how wireless would be distributed (last time it was on the order of “go to the third floor of the convention center and tell Vinny that Keith sent ya,” which worked fine for Council but doesn’t scale for a 25,000-member conference) and what “highly discounted” means, but considering the convention centers try hard to extract $25 a day from attendees, I’m sure ALA wangled well.

Wireless will continue to be a free perk for ALA Councilors–our only perk, aside from the invitation to stay three days after conference to hear people explain why censorship in Turkmenisten is worse than censorship in Cuba. But now, to help our laptops make it through five-hour filibusters on workplace speech, we’ll even have electricity: “We will be able to make electrical connections available in the section adjoining our transcriptionist’s station.” This will inadvertently create a kind of “tech ghetto” where we e-terrorists can cook up further schemes to torment ALA. I plan to pack a power strip, myself, and ask for “donations” for access to it. Hmmm, since I’m blogging for LITA, maybe I’ll set up a webcam and stream the Council proceedings, too…

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