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church 2.0

For some time now, Sandy’s church website has needed some radical TLC. I baldly admit, I have avoided getting involved in this for reasons understandable to anyone who has worked with any low-tech committee-run organization on a tech issue. But since I suddenly have time right now to do something other than my day job, I’m contributing some of my efforts to the church.

I had already interviewed their ISP last fall when I stepped in just long enough to ensure their domain was properly registered, and quietly concluded back then that Change was of the Essence. Back then I was thinking the wisest path possible was to pour the website into a blog format such as WordPress that would be easy to update, but that was a hard message to transmit without a lot of preparation, and it required some commitment on my part to persuade the church to migrate the website to another host and then stick with them through the change, as the ISP they are using is Windows-based and has a few other issues. Time passeth…

Yesterday, with more time on my hands, I tried again. What if the website for the church traded off some design flexibility for ease of use? What if you and other designated users could easily add content to the website on a regular basis without any special skills? “Pictures?” Sandy asked. Yes, I said, it would be very easy to add pictures, as well. “Posting the sermons online?” That would be easy as well, I replied. “Could the web page have links to important information that could be easily changed as needed?” Of course, I said, fingers crossed for good luck.

“Could it look something like this?” she asked, and sent me a link to an MCC church on . Absolutely, I said, and breathed a sigh of relief.

So I’m mocking up a WordPress blog on another domain so she can take it to the church committee and say, “Just as a start-what do you think?”

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