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Category Archives: Upcoming gigs

Writing for the Web

An all-day writing workshop for the Panhandle Library Access Network. We’re going to have fun! Bookmark to:

2.0 at Williamsburg Regional Library

A staff presentation, and a consultation. This should be fun — and such a beautiful area! Bookmark to:

Death to Jargon

One-hour OPAL presentation (online) for system in Wisconsin. Bookmark to:

Symposium on the Future of the ILS

Lincoln Trails Library System, Champaign, IL (hello, alma mater!). I’m giving a talk and then I’m talking to trustees on Saturday. I hope I can see GSLIS… and a couple of friends in the area! Bookmark to:

NASIG: Keynote

Topic: “Libraries in a state of emergency”–a discussion of what we’ve ceded to The Man. Also good fun, plus I get to hear Bob Stein and Dan Chudnov. Bookmark to:

SEFLIN: Social Software

Two hours of 2.0 goodness for a SEFLIN Board retreat in West Palm Beach… this should be wonderfully good fun. Bookmark to: