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First Homebrew!

First Homebrew!

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Cracked open my first bottle Friday (two weeks after bottling my first batch, 3 in a Bed Bitters from HomeBrew Den)… carefully tasted… yum, it’s delicious! Milder and less fizzy than I expected, but very good, and very fresh-tasting. It’s like homemade ice cream and sorbet: there is no substitute for the freshness.

For all the hoopla, this is really just a timeless kitchen craft (though the industry has figured out how to upsell with expensive equipment — there’s a whole lot of guys out on their back porches, with their turkey fryers and 15-gallon pots) but it’s a lot of fun.

I think what surprises me most about brewing beer is not making tasty alcohol, but making a carbonated beverage. I am very proud of my bubbles!

I’m bottling my porter this coming weekend, before I head to Code4Lib, then will make a batch from a kit I bought in California.

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