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Recipe: Big-Hearted Gal (clone of Two-Hearted Ale)

By popular request (well… one request, but how can I say no?) here is my recipe for a clone of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale. I researched just about every THA recipe out there to come up with this. The decision to stay with Centennial all the way through appears correct, despite the recipes that sneak in […]

Spring Forward Into Links

Today I am taking a writing day, as a way to help my writing soul and displace me from the omnipresent Now. I have too many writing tasks to work on in the next fourteen hours, and that’s a wonderful problem to contemplate! But I had this link roundup written, so here you go. As […]

Biscuits Twice for Christmas

Best Biscuits Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian By design, because we could, we essentially had the same meal twice for Christmas. In the morning, by popular demand, I served biscuits and sausage gravy. Then for dinner we had oyster pan roast, almost verbatim from the recipe in my Oyster Bar cookbook, except served over split toasted […]