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Between an ebook and a hard place

Last week the ever-interesting Barbara Fister observed over on Inside Higher Ed, People are beginning to notice that big publishers are not really all that interested in authors or readers; they are interested in consolidating control of distribution channels so that the only participants in culture are creators who work for little or nothing and […]

ebooks, pbooks, mebooks, and parrots

Here is a very interesting question others have posed: are libraries that license ebooks through Overdrive violating state patron-privacy laws because Amazon retains user data? (For context, Sarah Houghton-Jan, who last spring proposed an eBook User’s Bill of Rights, recently taped a video recording her thoughts about the Overdrive-Amazon deal enabling Overdrive books to be […]

Spring Forward Into Links

Today I am taking a writing day, as a way to help my writing soul and displace me from the omnipresent Now. I have too many writing tasks to work on in the next fourteen hours, and that’s a wonderful problem to contemplate! But I had this link roundup written, so here you go. As […]

Dog Years, Teahouse Fire win Stonewall Book Awards!

Mark Doty’s Dog Years: A Memoir won in the nonfiction category for this year’s Stonewall Book Award, selected by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Roundtable of the American Library Association — passionate readers who spend a year steeped in this particular literature (“exceptional merit relating to the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered experience”). Dog Years is a gorgeous […]

LibraryThing’s “I See Dead People[‘s Books]”

I know it’s considered lame to write a hey-gee-look-at-the-pretty-linkies post, but first of all, link posts make a great amusee bouche between those huge ketchup-sauced meatloafs I dole out once or twice a week, and second, I’m tuckered from a whirlwind conference at ALA, backlogged on homework due Thursday, and about to go to an […]