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LibraryThing’s “I See Dead People[‘s Books]”

I know it’s considered lame to write a hey-gee-look-at-the-pretty-linkies post, but first of all, link posts make a great amusee bouche between those huge ketchup-sauced meatloafs I dole out once or twice a week, and second, I’m tuckered from a whirlwind conference at ALA, backlogged on homework due Thursday, and about to go to an 8 p.m. hair appointment that I would cancel if I wasn’t feeling oh so Phyllis Diller.

Besides, I can’t sit on this discovery: LibraryThing members have been cataloging the libraries of Great People, which is too cool for school. Ernest Hemingway and I have two books in common (both by notorious drunks):

There is one interesting omission… the list of prospective authors is all female male. Do we know the library of Eleanor Roosevelt, or Gertrude Stein?
Incidentally, though earlier I fumed about ungrateful LibraryThing Early Reviewers who don’t review their books, I sat on The Memoirs of a Beautiful Boy. I had a perplexed response to it, and frankly wanted to see what other reviewers had to say. Janet Maslin started to get there (and no, I don’t have any issue with the author rounding off the corners here and there). I’ll try to write my review this week.

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