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Category Archives: Linkalicious

Special Commemorative Library Link Set

I’m amused by the Obama memorabilia, particularly the commemorative plates where he looks like Jesus in a suit. I see no harm. Let people buy their Franklin Mint tchotchkes, if it connects them with a historic moment. I, with not one but two Obama car magnets, can hardly object. Anyhoo… Watch CBS Videos Online OCLC […]

First Links for 2009

I ignored my reading backlog last week and glommed down Tom Piazza’s Katrina novel, City of Refuge. It was nothing short of amazing. Not an absolutely perfect book (once in a great while the characters become leaden) but still, an extraordinary book of an extraordinary time. As Miriam says in a comment on an earlier […]

Hello, I Must be Linking

I am having a blissfully good time in my new job as Community Librarian for Equinox, and just spent a grand time in Idaho talking about open source — a session that was taped, and when it is online will unfortunately reveal, in a shameful moment, that I am unclear about exactly where Idaho is […]

The Links of Love are in Your Eyes

I still haven’t written my post-ALA-post. I slid from ALA into the holiday weekend after being on the road for nearly a month, and I’m still catching up — plus I plunged into car purchasing mode (I believe my green Prius is turning into a gently-used Honda — a more sensible choice, financially, though I […]

Links on the Brink of the Solstice

Note: my comment feed is broken. I probably won’t be able to fix it for a couple of weeks. Over on Panlibus, Richard Wallis interviewed me about my new position as Community Librarian for Equinox. Fun convo! Meanwhile, here are several links related to libraries affected by the midwestern floods… By way of LISNews: an […]

Links on the Grill

The truck farmers have arrived in Tallahassee — or, we could call them, purveyors of open-source agriculture.  This gentleman is at Lafayette and Magnolia most Fridays and Saturdays, and his sugar-sweet, flavorful melons made some scrumptidiliumptious sorbet this weekend. But I have been absorbed in my own “fruitful” exercises… ALA Techsource is once again actively […]

Linko de Mayo

Will you be at the SOLINET Annual Member Meeting? I’m keynoting Friday, May 9. Would love to sync up with you! Sandy will be with me as well. I’m going to get a little tea time with fellow keynoter Michael Stephens, woohoo! Some people’s kids: The LITA BIGWIG gang has established a nifty presence. (BIGWIG […]

April Showers Bring Link Flowers

The Library of Congress posted a Webcast about their marvelous Flickr project. Also see their FAQ, which lists the technical details. Peter Murray (aka “Disruptive Technology Library Jester”) has a good roundup of OPAC replacements and wrappers from his excellent presentation at the NISO “Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards” conference last week. In […]

The Luck o’ the Link Love

Still careening through homework, but the fire got turned up when I found myself attending the Connecticut Trendspotting forum this Friday to talk about open source. Gotta be done 2NITE! Or 2morrow, at the butt-crack o’ dawn! Hence a lunchtime link-love post… (Why can’t we give St. Patrick’s a makeover and turn it into “Talk […]

Link Love Roundup

On Thursday I had an annoying but minor crick in my left shoulder (no, not radiating pain — just a definite discomfort around my neck, collarbone, and scapula). I thought it would go away on its own, based on my experience with other cricks and creaks. On Friday I woke up at 6 a.m. and […]