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Linko de Mayo

Will you be at the SOLINET Annual Member Meeting? I’m keynoting Friday, May 9. Would love to sync up with you! Sandy will be with me as well. I’m going to get a little tea time with fellow keynoter Michael Stephens, woohoo!

Some people’s kids: The LITA BIGWIG gang has established a nifty presence. (BIGWIG more or less translates to the Blogging Interest Group, though they do much more than blog.) I wish all ALA committees/IGs/Task Forces offered this kind of place to hang out and do work with one’s bibliopeeps.

Twitterprose marches on with its daily links of great lines from creative nonfiction, most recently with an improvement to the pesky link problem and some great excerpts from the latest issue of ZYZZYVA. For several essays I’m revising I’ve been chomping through a barrel of food writing (some of it yummy, some of it inedible) and haven’t had time for the growing pile of litmags and magazines sitting on the table in the foyer, but when the latest ZYZZYVA arrived, I stretched out on the couch and lapped it up.

Spring FRBR: The latest issue of Current Cites features two reviews by me about absolutely and highly readings biblio-essential readings about FRBR. (Wow… I just realized Current Cites is almost old enough to vote!)

Localvores gone wrong: on the April 29 episode of Law & Order SVU, Robin Williams plays a nut who cons restaurant staff into tying up women. At one point Williams blurts out that he’s a localvore — that is, he only eats local, seasonal, organic food. That explains the end of the episode, which I won’t spoil for you Tivo types but demonstrates that healthy food builds strong bodies twelve ways.

“Should Writers be Readers?” Sheesh, I hope so! Interestingly, this came to me as a recommended link through — a capability I wasn’t familiar with and still don’t really understand.

I helped Dinty Moore make a Facebook fan page for his book, Between Panic and Desire. (I know, that was so “librarian” of me — “PLEASE let me help you with that technology,” tail thumping wildly.) Apparently that was too risque for Facebook, which blocked the word “desire.” When I complained, they wrote me the next day to say, “We have resolved this issue and you should be able to register your Page with the desired name at this time.” I can’t decide if they were trying to be funny. N.b.: In this book, at least, “Panic” and “Desire” are towns in Ohio. Oh, and it’s a marvelous book!

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