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Cavlec and chopped liver

As an aside related to Bell’s article, Dorothea asks at Caveat Lector, “What am I, chopped liver?

If she were, that wouldn’t be so bad. I adore chopped liver. I used to make it, before I learned about cholesterol, and no, you can’t make good chopped liver without piles of schmaltz, preferably rendered by hand as a byproduct from home-made chicken stock. Chopped liver… some moist, yeasty caraway rye… a frosty-cold Dr. Brown’s… have mercy.

But  if she means her blog is immaterial, no it isn’t. It’s an important blog, not that she needs me to say so. Also, as she points out, Dorothea and I have disagreed from time to time (including GormanGate); she’s an intellectually spirited person, and if we had the exact same opinions on everything we’d be Dolly and Molly the Library Clones, not two smart women.  But I suppose XX-chromosome disagreements can be lumped under “bickering.” You know, what broads do.

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