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ALA Election Results

From ALA HQ: Roy elected–dues increase passes–turnout excellent–bylaws change passes–all good news. William Crowe ran an honorable campaign and is a good guy, but Roy will make a terrific ALA president. Too busy to do more than paste and run! — kgs

———–from ALA Council list—————–

Following are the results of the 2006 ALA Bylaws Amendment votes and the ALA President-elect vote. A press release will be issued later today. Full election results will be posted later today, after candidates have been personally notified.

Elizabeth Dreazen

Item #1: Bylaw Amendment to Revise the Dues Structure and Implement a Dues Increase
YES 7,876 Adopted
NO 6,220

Item #2: Bylaw Amendment to Reflect the Electronic Accessibility of the ALA Handbook of Organization
YES 13,398 Adopted
NO 387

Item #3: Bylaw Amendment to Increase Round Table Representation on Council
YES 9,745 Adopted
NO 3,646

Item #4: Bylaw Amendment to Modify the Quorum Requirement for Affirmative Votes in Non-Face-to-Face Meetings
YES 12,302 Adopted
NO 1,162

William Crowe 4,702
Loriene Roy 8,898 Elected

Total Number of Ballots Cast – 14,441

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