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Links on the Brink of the Solstice

Note: my comment feed is broken. I probably won’t be able to fix it for a couple of weeks.

Over on Panlibus, Richard Wallis interviewed me about my new position as Community Librarian for Equinox. Fun convo!

Meanwhile, here are several links related to libraries affected by the midwestern floods…

By way of LISNews: an amateur video posted to YouTube last Friday shows Cedar Rapids Public Library under a few feet of water. On PUBLIB, Joe Schallan adds a little more about the library’s affected service populations.

The University of Iowa libraries batten the helms in the event of flooding, and Amy Ranger adds her impassioned admiration for their efforts, plus a reminder that El Jefe has a strong record of not stepping up to the plate.

On a minor note, I can’t say I’m spending a lot of time there, but I do have an account on Friendfeed. It combines all my other social networking presences (or most of them — I don’t see Dopplr) in one place. Not pushing this service — haven’t made my mind up about it — but it’s worth poking at.

Hard to believe another Summer Solstice is imminent. I am in a hotel room in Cincinnati, which I just learned how to spell (“Cincinnati,” not “hotel room”). It’s a long story involving broken and overbooked airplanes (I was a victim of the former and a volunteer for the latter). So I’ve earned my second Skymiles teeshirt this week — plus a free hotel room and some Delta miles!

My mother’s 80th birthday in Santa Fe (where she lives) was a wonderful celebration, and I was able to catch up with many family friends and also many relatives — uncles, aunts, cousins, and my delightful baby sister — plus I met my mother’s personal trainer. (Do I have good genes, or what?)

I remain peripatetic and not well-connected — this will not be a heavy-blogging week.

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