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Category Archives: Open Data

Octoberfest links

What downturn? It turned out that embedding a call for documentation writers in between screeds about the election turned out to be wildly effective (even though I do not speak for My Place Of Work, blah blah blah — something they did NOT ask me to say, in case you’re wondering). I wish I could […]

To Boise, to WilsWorld, and to Present on Creative Nonfiction

I’ve been getting my sea-legs at my new job and staying very, very busy — blogging is just the tip of the iceberg. I got back from Norcross Friday night, and this morning, I’m off to Boise to talk about open source, and then to WilsWorld to just be there and I don’t know, let […]

Joe Nocera Speaking Truth to Google

Roy Tennant observed that Google hadn’t bothered exhibiting at ALA Annual 2008. I think Roy has a “game over” feeling about that — like we’re finally irrelevant enough for Google to ignore. I have another take on this, bolstered by Joe Nocera’s article in the New York Times about Google’s deteriorating daycare options. Google has […]