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See me in Anaheim at Booth 1888 (and elsewhere!)

Whew, week of shiny-new-job! I’ve posted my first post at the company blog. Expect many more — I’ll try to mention the best ones here, but you may want to subscribe.

ALA is imminent! I’ll be at the Equinox booth, 1888 — at least half the time, anyway — and I’ll be part of the crew doing presentations, one-on-one booth meetings, and general meet-and-greet.

I’ll also be presenting (or at least dog-paddling) at LITA’s Top Tech Trends, LITA’s Ultimate Debate, and Monday morning’s LITA Next Gen Catalog Interest Group. Plus I’ll be at meetings for Jim Rettig’s implementation task force, the Electronic Meeting Participation Task Force, LITA Forum 2009, and the OCLC Blog Salon.

So yesterday I started my new job as Community Librarian at Equinox. According to Library Journal, I’m “opinionated,” which I will generously interpret as praise (even though LJ’s archives suggest this is a word that for their reporters cuts both ways).

I’m still finding the bathroom around here, but I definitely feel “opinionated” about open source in libraries: it makes sense, and that’s why I’m getting involved in it. I plan to share my opinionations on blogs (Equinox and the Evergreen community both have blogs), magazine articles, presentations, one-on-one discussions, and whatever other venues allow me to opine.

(To clarify my whereabouts, I’m going to be teleworking for Equinox, with an occasional on-site sync-up, and for now we’ll stay in Tallahassee. This week I return to Tallahassee Wednesday early evening so I can fly out the next day.)

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