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It’s the Economy, Stupid (and that’s just to start with)

McCain and the Hockey Mom are desperately trying to scare people into voting for them, but tomorrow morning I am going to leave my pro-American house, get in my pro-American car, and drive to my pro-American voting precinct to exercise my early-voting rights and VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT, HOOAH!!!

I am a veteran, taxpayer, homeowner, worker, and many other demographic slots you can tuck people into. I’ve lived in many places in this country and they are all “pro-American” because they ARE ALL PART OF THESE UNITED STATES — west, east, north, and south, city and suburb and beyond.

I am voting for Obama as a president who can unite us again — with one another and with the world. I am voting for Obama because his approaches to the economy, health care, foreign relations, education, and the environment promise to repair the sad direction this country has taken in the last eight years.

A special request to disaffected Hillaryites: please join me in helping elect the president that Senator Clinton can join forces with to heal this country. When Palin was nominated I remember hearing that she was “energizing” the right, and I thought, hoo boy, she is also about to energize the LEFT, and that has proved true. I can’t imagine too many Hillary supporters voting for Palin — though I am sure CNN’s intrepid reporters will find a couple if they start looking — but if you are even remotely on the fence, remember that four years of McCain/Palin (which with McCain’s health is a generous guess) will be four more years of diminished world status, economic disarray, and continued assaults on the freedoms and benefits of being American.

(Not to dwell too much on the negative, but I really hate it when men select the least-qualified women they can find. I have spent my whole career handicapped by those femmetards.)

I am so excited about voting tomorrow that I may have to sleep with my Obama-Biden car magnet under my pillow!

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