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I voted! Equinox is hiring! Evergreen conference next May!

There were lines all day at the County Courthouse, though the line I was in moved along pretty quickly. Early voting FTW!!

Equinox has two positions for developers. Equinox FTW!!

The first-ever Evergreen conference has been announced, for next May 20-22. Evergreen FTW!!

Other than that it’s been a wild, bucking day of checklists and updates and flotsam and jetsam. I ran out in the middle of the day and got my hair done because that was the only time I could do that before November. Since Sandy’s out of the house today that meant I could be feral and just sit here and work a while this evening, so all’s fair. I kind of enjoy a work night that segues from Brian Williams to Terry Gross and then on to Farai Chideya.

The hairdresser squinted at me. “You need your eyebrows done.” Why is this the first year stylists have tackled my admittedly lush, Eastern-European eyebrows? I meekly nodded. She dotted several hirsute locations with warm wax, then patted paper on my brow and yanked three times. RIP! RIP! RIP! I know from experience the results will be very satisfying, once the swelling goes down.

I’m about to grab the big pile of books I snagged from my two library systems (Leon County and Georgia PINES) and assemble some tidbits for my VALA talk.  Special note to librarians: I did not write in or dogear these books! They were like this when I checked them out! I swan, some people’s kids…

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