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Vote early for Obama, then help elect him!

I’m in another week of crazy travel — I’m in Georgia right now, after returning from Louisiana, and this Saturday I take off for Oz — but I just got email from the Obama campaign asking people to take off Election Day and help get out the vote. Go do it!

But first, you need to get your fanny to the polls NOW, because turnout will be HUGE… HUGE… HUGE. Go ahead and get it out of the way — early voting isn’t just sensible, it’s fun, and witnessing to your own experience is the best way to convince someone else to follow your example. The earlier you vote, the longer you have to say to your friends, family, and co-workers, “I voted. Have you?”

Some years I just want to put a Democrat in the White House; this time I want to elect Obama. I’m looking forward to a leader who will help us out of this directionless quagmire we’ve been in for the past eight years. I’m excited about Obama — his presidential demeanor, his ability to unite, his forward-thinking policies. This is a very necessary election.

I will be in Australia on Election Night, but my co-presenter Lizanne and I (memo to Lizanne: feel better, I haven’t finished my presentation yet) are hoping we can share the evening with others interested in watching the election.

So pack some fruit and water, lace up your most comfortable shoes, head to the polls NOW, and while away the time by humming my own Obama ditty (to the tune of “Jesus Lifted Me”):

I’m so glad I’m voting for Barack,

I’m so glad I’m voting for Barack.

I’m so glad I’m voting for Barack!

Get the vote out, get the vote out —

We’re voting for Barack!

Then put in for a day off and help others get to the poll. I guarantee you will not regret it.

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