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Category Archives: Digital Divide Issues

MOOC Nation, Part 1: My So-Called Online Teaching Life

I’m enrolled in a MOOC to prepare me for college math. Go ahead and laugh — then tell me the last time YOU solved a compound inequality problem.  Of course, the other reason I’m in a MOOC is to explore the current state of online learning. I have copious notes about my experience, in which, […]

ACRL and “diversity”: A rainbow has more than one color

My Place Of Work is one of the most diverse universities in the United States. That’s a fact we’re very proud of, and it’s an environment I enjoy. Diversity was a matter-of-fact reality in the middle-class San Francisco neighborhood I grew up in, and throughout my life, when I’ve been in environments flavored with only […]

The Poor Will Always Be With Us

It’s All Good is usually brimming with edgy but interesting ideas I nearly always agree with, so I was surprised to read yesterday that Alane had strapped on a flight suit, jumped on the deck of The Good Ship LibraryLand, and declared, “Digital Divide: Mission Accomplished!” Earth to Alane: not so fast, not so fast. […]

The Last Mile: A Chance to Get Started

This Friday I’m giving a talk at the Ontario Library Association Superconference , and months ago, I wrote a wide-open program description. I said I would “describe the outer limits of digital libraries,” share “radical and contrarian views,” and offer “mind-bending predictions.” I really wrote that? And I really said, oh sure, I can prepare […]