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Upgraded to MT 3.17; Awaiting 3.2

I just upgraded this blog to Movable Type 3.17, and you may think this is a boring entry but it’s Very, Very Important, because it’s demonstrating to myself that everything works as it should. One reason I upgraded was to rule out problems with a corrupted mt-comments.cgi file or some other key Movable Type file.

I await tomorrow’s status message with interest. I also tuned a cron job that allows post-publishing so that it runs once an hour, not every fifteen minutes, and I’ll set it to every 3 or 4 hours once I puzzle out the string to do that.

After that, if my MT installation is still running amok on Dreamhost, then I don’t think it’s my installation. I’d be curious to get an account on another MT-friendly ISP and see how Free Range Librarian runs there.

Movable Type announced on Friday that version 3.2 is imminent, and among other issues, version 2 promises trackback moderation. That’s good, because trackback is now useless on Movable Type; I can’t be the only customer who killed it due to the deluge of spam. I’m grateful that MT is adding trackback moderation, which WordPress has had for a while.

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