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Today is the First Blog of the Rest of My Life

All righty then! I have regenerated the old blog in a very minimalist format, preserving the post names and archive paths. Comments are now reenabled. Thanks again to Elise, whose directions for backing up templates were very helpful.

I apologize for the too-small fonts and lack of contrast in this rather vanilla design. The MT basic “out of the box” blog designs aren’t very accessibility-friendly (then again, most of the winners for the latest WordPress design contest had similar problems). Once I have watched the blog for a few days I’ll look at design issues. I’m thinking I’d like tabs at the top (versus three columns), but we’ll see. I want to monitor the installation for a bit.

Ah, (temporary) bachelorette life. I spent the day scooping up books and DVDs at libraries, shopping at my favorite stores in my favorite aisles, and tinkering with Movable Type. For tonight, I have a stack of war movies and a thick steak, plus some red peppers to sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and throw on the grill. Good times, yeah!

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