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I’m a Movable Type BlogHer Scholar!


After all that shvitzing and hand-wringing about feeling guilty over applying for a scholarship to the BlogHer conference, I end up being selected as a scholar anyway. And might I add this flattering moment of meritocracy (or so I assume–don’t prick my balloon, o.k.?) pushes me to work harder to fix the problems with my Movable Type installation than run to WordPress. (I am also considering TypePad; maybe it’s time to acknowledge that as systems middleware–a technology manager but not a technology practitioner–I will never really get good at maintaining the installation for my blog, and maybe, just maybe I would have more time for My Craft if I wasn’t trying to puzzle out MySQL commands or fiddle with plugins.)

That won’t stop me from tearing down my installation this afternoon and rebuilding it from the ground up, in part to isolate the problems. A really basic blog with dynamic publishing should not cause massive usage problems for Dreamhost. It’s possible I need a new ISP.

How do my stats compare with your blog’s stats? (Sorry comments continue to be disabled–it’s not hard to figure out how to reach me, and I’ll reenable comments Real Soon Now, after I build a basic blog.)


Jan 2005 97692 44155
Feb 2005 129930 55500
Mar 2005 177849 75963
Apr 2005 179366 79220
May 2005 178628 81239
Jun 2005 202218 90983

The memo:

Thanks for applying for the Six Apart sponsorship for the upcoming BlogHer conference. We were glad for the chance to learn more about you and appreciate you sharing your story with us.

We’re happy to say that Six Apart would be happy to sponsor your attendance to the BlogHer conference by providing you with a pass to the event.

Deborah Shultz, our marketing director, will send you additional information about the registration logistics.

Additionally, I’ve attached a graphic that you’re welcome to post on your weblog indicating your selection.

I look forward to seeing you in July!

Mena Trott

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