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Category Archives: Blog Problems

WordPress 2.3.1 editing problems

I upgraded to WordPress 2.3.1 because it was a “security” upgrade, meaning that after the One True Upgrade was released, people found holes in it. But I’m now experiencing very peculiar editing problems (that naturally mess with my ability to do my presentation through WordPress… Satan is in my software this week). The big problem […]

The Disappearing Right Column on FRL

It’s happened again; the right column on this blog no longer appears in IE, though I see it just fine in FireFox and can see it in the source code. Update: with this post, now it’s back. Wonder what the heck’n is goin’ on? Now, I know that a web page should validate, for a’ […]

FRL’s Current Bare-Bones Design

If you’re catching up from vacation and wondering what the heck happened to the design of FRL, the Blog Problems category walks you through some of the saga. In a nutshell, FRL usage went out of control, and to eliminate problems I put FRL in a very basic design and am watching usage. Dreamhost has […]

Comments being twiddled with

I am troubleshooting the comment feature so I don’t think it will work on this blog right now… just an fyi. Bookmark to:

My Message to Dreamhost

My Movable Type installation is still on the evaluation server. I am starting to think that my ISP, Dreamhost, is part of the problem. I mean that both in the macro and micro sense. When I asked them for the path information for these processes, they told me this information was unavailable. But if I […]

Upgraded to MT 3.17; Awaiting 3.2

I just upgraded this blog to Movable Type 3.17, and you may think this is a boring entry but it’s Very, Very Important, because it’s demonstrating to myself that everything works as it should. One reason I upgraded was to rule out problems with a corrupted mt-comments.cgi file or some other key Movable Type file. […]

FRL Hampered by Technical Problems

Right now, FRL trackbacks are off, and I’m not enabling comments for new posts; I may even have to turn off all comments for a while. I love you all, but here’s the story. Last night my ISP, Dreamhost, suddenly moved me to an “evaluation host” with a note that my account was overwhelming their […]