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Bookqueuetoo, Preview display problems with MT

If you try to comment on a post and the page looks really, really odd, scroll down. I’m having problems with the display of some pages in Movable Type. I’m uploading this particular post so I can show it to MT support. I also have problems with the BookQueueToo plugin–I wanted to link to a […]

Almost Ready to Update

The only “technical problems” I’ve experienced with Free Range Librarian in the last two days have been this flu, which knocked me down and dragged me around the house. I’m still coughing and sneezing, and my brain is foggy with cough medicine. It’s all I can do to read (well, and watch the special features […]

Hey, Know the Green Dude?

I was tickled to see that someone at Six Apart linked to my party picture from their swank soiree. They asked the masses to ID a guy in a green shirt shown on their blogpage, and you know, he looks familiar (but maybe only because I saw him at the party). Ted? Dinah? Hello? I […]

Life’s Smaller Problems

(It’s hard to complain about anything, with the death toll from the tsunamis rising every hour. We never truly realize how fortunate we are until that fortune ends. Forgive me for such a quotidian enquiry, as I go about my life, feeling helpless, but only for a day; tomorrow MPOW will be entering many sites […]

Movable Type To-Do List

Now that I’ve made it through the hump of the Movable Type 3.14 upgrade, I’m building a to-do list of things to get done before the semester starts late next January and I again have No Life. Most of these tweaks fall into the “less work for mother” category; do it now and life will […]

Comments Now Working

Comments now work. I deleted the MT-Approval plugin (great idea, but still a little shaky in the execution), and that nearly fixed the problem, except for losing content during comment preview. Six Apart recommended a fix that was almost right (right tag, wrong template), I did a little Googling, and three minutes later I was […]

Hooray! Entries Now Working; Other Issues In Work

With the help of MT tech support, I fixed the problem with the entries not working. The commenting is still weirded out. If you try to comment (even if *I* try to comment), you will end up in an endless loop of warnings and rejections. This may not be a Movable Type problem; it may […]

Zounds! Archive Entries Not Working

Fiddle dee dee she said, tossing her curls, the comments are the least of my problems. Thank you to the reader who reported that FRL is not readable through Bloglines. On investigation, I finally saw why comments don’t work: because none of my individual archive entries work any more. I have several questions in to […]

Scheduling Entries

It’s 9:53 and I’ll schedule this for 10 p.m. (that’s 2200 hours for you military types); I’ll go grab a glass of Anchor Steam Porter and come back. I found that the permissions for cron might not have been as they should have. Let’s see. Bookmark to:

Comments Not Working (Updated)

(Actually, it’s a discrepancy between old templates and a new installation–one reason I like to blow away the blog and start over again. But maybe it’s time to see if I can modify the templates without taking such a drastic step, even though I’ve determined that my backup works fine.) Comments aren’t working yet; you’ll […]