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My Movable Type Problems: No Blogger is an Island

So I was avoiding doing a read-through on the rewrite of my latest essay and catching up on Hurricane Dennis, because, you know, maybe it will move across the United States and hit Palo Alto. Ed Cone’s blog pointed to Brendan Loy’s blog, and as I was studying his interesting pictures and analysis I caught a note on his sidebar that he had Movable Type problems and had disabled some features. I read his post and found that suddenly, in the middle of June, his Movable Type installation had developed severe usage problems with some key files, such as mt.cgi.


But he didn’t have problems with comments because he uses another comment tool, HaloScan, for commenting.

And his usage was so high his ISP had warned him, but the whole thing puzzled him.


I’m still seeing usage of mt-comments.cgi up to 10% of the evaluation server’s resources. This absolutely makes no sense. I had four comments yesterday.

I’m starting to wonder if Brendan and I aren’t alone, maybe not by a long shot, and if some other change–similar to the CPanel problems that crippled many MT blogs last week–is the culprit.


It’s pretty cool, this Web, the way we connect, and connect, and connect.

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