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My Favorite Treo Trick

I’m deep into a revision of an essay due next Saturday morning before the rooster crows, but browsed the blogs long enough to see Ken Leebow crooning over his new Treo 650 and asking for ideas.

I use my Treo for so many things, but they aren’t unique. Email, calendar, contacts, reading blogs while on line at the grocery store, looking up quick definitions during class–no big surprises. But I do have one truly clever Treo trick: I take pictures of my parking spots. No, not the ones in front of my house… just when I’m out and about and not completely sure of myself in a big garage or strange lot. Even though I also write down the spot, it can help to see that my car is near the green Dumpster or by the fence, particularly since my wee Civic can get lost among the SUVs.

Enjoy the Treo, Ken!

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