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Cars, pie, life

I just finished a long post about pie and software, which trashes my assertion that I’d keep my Equinox posts short-short-short, yessiree! I think reading stuff I didn’t agree with, in a post that invoked me of all things as a source, got me spinning like a top.

Meanwhile, some have asked me about my car hunt. The answer is that though I would adore a new green Prius tricked out with goodies, or possibly a MINI, the sensible purchase I can live with is a late-model used Honda Civic with some time left on the warranty and Honda certification if possible. So we’ll get by on one car for a little while and I’ll use various methods (Carmax, Edmund’s, the local dealer) to find a car that will make me happy. I’d have a new-to-me car right now except the Honda Civic that almost met my criteria was the wrong color, and you know what, that’s a lot of money for something that’s the wrong color. There are many right colors for me, but I am just not of the tan/taupe/flat-silver meme.

Some friends appear confused by our living/working arrangements. Here’s the skinny. We still live in Florida. I telework to Georgia and then go there once a month for a few days (though I am also on the road a lot). Sandy is looking for work as an interim or settled pastor — she had a number of good jobs before she came here and there’s no reason she won’t have one again (just as my unhappy stint at a big institution didn’t preclude a good job followed by an even better job). Depending on where her job is, I’ll be able to smoothly transition just like magic. (Fingers crossed for magic! Luv my new job, luv luv LUV it!)

Sandy really doesn’t have job options in this area. We knew that coming here; it was part of the risk of this move. She’s a UCC pastor and there aren’t other slots for hundreds of miles around. We took a chance and invested our efforts in this area — uprooting, buying a house here, etc. It didn’t work out and you know what, that’s life. But we count our blessings, and they are legion.

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