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Has the Easter Bunny Fixed FRL’s Comment Box?

Gloryoski! I made one more tweak on a Movable Type template, rebuilt, and by jove, if you now try to comment on an FRL post, you should get a comment box smack dab where it should be, not wandering far, far down the page, floating (as the code had been telling it to float) under the left-hand nav bar. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.

(For the MT-curious, the fix was in the individual archive template. I commented out a br tag that had been set to “clear all” after the comment box–part of the default template code, fine if you are using MT out of the box but a problem once you introduce nav bars and whatnot. Note that the comment box appears twice in the code, as a conditional dependent on the user’s login method, so I had to comment out the br tag twice. I don’t know if I will restore that br tag at all; if it’s not needed, I probably won’t.)

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