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You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

I had wondered why the FRL commenting fell off in the last few days. Then Lorcan Dempsey wrote to ask if I was going to post his comment to my post about his post about the long tail (which feels like a very long tale when I say that).

Answer solved. Last week I kicked up my junk post meter a notch in an effort to stop one determined spammer who floods my email box with approval notices. Well, now all my readers are junk, if you believe Movable Type, and so am I. Movable Type blocked ME, and I LIVE here. Boy were there some nice comments in the junk folder…! I’ll tune the junk-meter down again.

I frankly wondered that you-all had stopped commenting, but it seemed needy to ask. Next time I’ll have the self-esteem to question the technology!

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