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If it’s Wednesday, it must be Lent

I spent almost two weeks struggling with the Monster Cold that attacked My Place of Work, and really could only take one day off. This wasn’t about heroics; it was simply that there were too many important, entertwined events that my absence would have affected. And you know, that is not such a bad thing. So I stayed home for the worst day and used a weekend to try to get better.

We’re rounding the corner and heading toward the hiring for our Access Services position. I heard from a lot of new librarians that they would have applied if the position hadn’t been targeted at MLS students. Well, I had no idea what a bad economy we were dealing with! We had terrific candidates, some with MLS’s and some not. I wish everyone fortune on their journey and just regret that we can’t hire the lot of you.

Meanwhile, I’m body-surfing through a very busy week…. well, they are all busy… but am still riding on the joy of last week’s reading at the library, and many more wonderful things to come.

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