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Category Archives: California Dreamin’

My San Francisco

I missed a weekly post due to the blowback from my wild travel experience, which not surprisingly, given my exhaustion and my exposure to so many travelers, was followed with a monster head cold which stubbornly clung to me during a Very Important Week that broached very few opportunities to rest. (I am already worrying […]

Slowly, slowly run, o horses of the night

It was the end of the semester as I knew it, and I felt fine (Sr. Helen Prejean was our commencement speaker, and she was wonderful; you can watch her here, fast-forward to minute 22). Before I get into a little catch-up with the five of you still reading this blog, please note that our […]

We’re Here! Have a home for us?

Very good news: Sandy has been called as the pastor for a church in San Francisco.  They are happy and we are happy… more news on that front later! Obviously we are meant to be in the Bay Area. Now we just need a place to live… Sandy is back in Florida finishing up the […]

California: Third Time’s the Charm!

We’re headed back to California! I have a job as library director at Holy Names University in Oakland, starting October 30. Ok, to put this news in context… A few months back Sandy and I had a series of family discussions, and we realized that we were in agreement on a change of strategy to […]

Thin Sweet Slices of California

The trip out west to attend ER&L 2009 at UCLA, with some vacay tacked on, was just glorious. I took many notes and even got vigorous and drafted several essays, including one that has been percolating in my head for a year, and took some pictures as well. Before it all gets away from me: […]

What I’m reading, what I’m writing, thinking about LibraryThing

Today is Tax Day in Tallahassee. Well, it’s Tax Day for me in my house, because I filed an extension (as I always do; it’s legal, I always have a good reason, and I do pay what I owe) and got my tax stuff halfway done and then got into the “hustle and flow” mode […]

Read-in for Salinas, April 2-5

As found on the California Library Association blog: “A coalition of community based groups has scheduled a 24-hour Emergency Read-In at the Cesar Chavez Library, 615 Williams Road, Salinas on April 2-3, 2005 to draw attention to the funding crisis in library and to help people recognize the cost of war to communities.” Bookmark to: