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Sloppy Fourths to the Green Kangaroo

As Michael Stephens, Jenny Levine, and Michael Golrick have already noted, Mary Ghikas has started blogging! She’s the second-in-command at ALA, after Keith Fiels. The title of her blog includes my favorite color, green, and my favorite TV character–Captain Kangaroo. (Though I was also partial to Mr. Greenjeans.)

I’d like to expound on the significance of ALA’s first wipe (as we said in the Air Force) AND the ALA president-elect both blogging! Mary’s comments about the challenge of the “personal voice” are well-taken at a point in my life when I’m feeling the effect of powerful life change and vulnerability on my writing.

But alas I have homework–yes, pages and pages to go before I sleep. Happy Greek Orthodox Easter, Mary!

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