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What’s Hot and What’s Not?

CueCat arrives!

Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian.

This is my brand-new CueCat barcode wand, which I bought from LibraryThing. I wanded in a handful of books, thoroughly enjoying myself.

Part of the joy of LibraryThing is the communal nature of the experience. When I add a book to LibraryThing, I can immediately see who else in LibraryThing owns this book, how they rated the book, what they said about it, and what else they’re reading. I’m entering a book into a database; I suppose I could use a spreadsheet. But I’m enjoying myself, and contributing to the enjoyment of others.

So I’m thinking about next week’s talk not so much in terms of widgets and gizmos, but in terms of what’s new for the user experience.

In what new ways do you bring joy to the user experience? What’s really hot? (What’s really not?)

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