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A Bouquet of April Links, Just for You!

Need a funny icebreaker for your next “info literacy” workshop, class, or discussion? I laughed with recognition at PIL InfoLit Monologue #2, which is about what students say about procrastination, course-related work, and conducting research in the digital age (2:10). This two-minute video comes from Project Information Literacy (PIL), a national research study led by Alison Head and Mike Eisenberg of the University of Washington’s iSchool and supported with a gift from ProQuest.

PIL InfoLit Monologue #1 is about what students say about Wikipedia — which is more nuanced than you might expect!

Are you hotter than a Brazilian librarian? Probably not — but see these collections (gents, ladies) and decide for yourself. I think it may be a bit biased toward the young and pec-ful, but at least it’s gender-balanced.

My sister and I are really the country mouse and city mouse, so this blog from writer-fiddler-mom Debi Lewis and her countrified colleague Stori Thompson thrummed for me.

At last, play is found to be good for work. I knew it all along!

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