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MPOW’s annual user survey now available!

Tomorrow morning, the day we publish New This Week, we do the “big launch” of the annual user survey for My Place Of Work, but the truly observant will notice from our main page we soft-launched this afternoon. I did a few things different this year. Naturally, we ask about the budget situation. I have […]

A National MPOW

I was tickled to see incoming ALA president (and BiblioBlogger in Chief) Leslie Burger’s comment on my recent post, and want to expand on it, because I agree–and I think we’re all in agreement, however you define “we.” Five years ago, when I interviewed for the position of chief bottlewasher at My Place Of Work, […]

The Stuff Happening at My Place of Work

I won’t say much more about it, but I want to reassure those who have asked that I’ll be fine, and even My Place Of Work will be fine–we’ll manage, with many new, good ideas. Things happen, life has its ups and downs! I’m actually quite busy at MPOW these days, since we’re testing new […]

My Place Of Work: An Update

Free Range Librarian readers–I sent out a message this afternoon to our state association list about a work challenge that has come up so that I could “manage the message,” as they say. I’m reposting it here in its entirety. Speaking for a moment with my organizational hat on, I very much appreciate all the […]

Google Features MPOW in Library Newsletter

My Place Of Work is featured in the latest Google newsletter. This valuable outreach comes on top of the recent radio spots on KQED and our less recent decision to run an RSS feed–we’re rapidly approaching 14,000 Bloglines subscribers (up from less than 3,000 a same time last year), and MPOW itself is now getting […]

The Prodigal SWAG!

So Stephanie Stokes (a fellow state project person, she of the California Summer Reading Program) said to me, “Oh, come on, Karen, go get the supervisor of the conference center.” So I bucked up, went back, and Asked To Speak to the Manager, who turned out to be an intensely focused man who an hour […]

A Conference Booth, from the Other Side

Arrived in Pasadena to learn that the MPOW SWAG shipped to the Convention Center had been lost. O grief… O deep yawning gap in my life. (Should that second “o” be lower case? Never mind…) I kept appealing to higher courts, and someone Very Important from the convention center claims he is going to help, […]

Do You Know Search?

At My Place Of Work, we are planning to do a requirements statement and then start hunting for a consultant, but I thought I’d float this balloon right here and right now. MPOW is grant-funded for a new search engine (probably not enough money, but then is it ever?). More than that, really, MPOW needs […]

MPOW10K in Bloglines

Sometime this weekend MPOW‘s RSS feed went over 10,000 Bloglines subscribers. Couldn’t happen to a nicer site. Why, you ask? Well, it’s good. Well, many things are good. 1. We pimp it on our site. 2. We wrote a really good tutorial and link that from our main page. 3. Most of all, Bloglines considers […]

MPOW Kicks Bloglines Booty

Since the dawn of RSS time for My Place of Work, Bloglines has been a very good friend. We offer a tutorial (emphasizing that Bloglines is free! easy! web-based! etc.), but that isn’t all that’s involved. The growth has gone from respectable to exponential. Here’s the end-of-quarter stats on MPOW Bloglines Subscribers: 9/30/04: 2400 12/31/04: […]