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Category Archives: Flori-duh

A homebrewing n00b

“Everyone who uses plastic fermenters has pushed the o-ring through the top and into the filled fermenter at least once. Don’t worry, your beer will be fine. Keep an extra o-ring handy for the next time.” — From the “n00b” thread on I really don’t need one more hobby; it’s not as if I […]

Getting a (goals-based) life

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” — Proverbs 29:18 About a year ago I stated quite firmly that I don’t do professional goals. But before I launch into that, I’m aware I’ve been relatively quiet here. My bloggy silence is due to a combination of bad stress and good stress that has eaten […]

Big Bend Library Camp?

“At other conferences I’ve attended, I’ve had many moments–including during actual presentations–when all I’ve wanted was to get online to check my email and feeds. Not today.”– Joshua Neff, from The Goblin in the Library, reporting on his experiences at Library Camp Kansas I’ve been watching these library unconferences pop up hither and thon and […]

Driving a hybrid on my Lenten journey

I’m not really driving a hybrid (not that I would object if Santa put a forest-green Prius in my stocking this year); I still have my 1993 Honda Civic, which gets a respectable mileage for its 4-mile commute to my office. So the title of this post is a metaphor for how I’m approaching Lent […]

FSU Avoids Further Weakening GLBT Support

… FSU’s associate general counsel D. Michael Cramer asked that the student union’s policy be more in line with the university’s, which does not include sexual orientation, gender identity or expression and socio-economic status. My bottom line is I don’t write about my former jobs unless I have positive things to say, but given the […]