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Category Archives: Prayer Circle

Mary Jane Anderson

Mary Jane Anderson died today, after a battle with cancer. She was a public librarian and an ALA Councilor and an active Episcopalian, and many other things as well. I once shared a room with her at ALA, and it was one of the few times that I enjoyed having a roomy–in part because Mary […]

Farewell, John Iliff

People are leaving their farewells for John Iliff at his memorial page. I posted something there, and another message at PUBLIB–where the body of the email announcing his death was “scrubbed” from the server, to my great irritation; I can imagine John rolling his eyes over that–and this post is somewhere between a prayer and […]

Prayer for a Small Child in Crisis

This is for a very small child and all who gather around her tonight, in presence and in prayer. She is ill with a disease only adults usually get. Parts of her body are failing. Doctors tried to administer medicine, but found another medical problem that meant they had to hold off for now. Tonight […]

Mary Jane Anderson, Tough Cookie

I have some tough news and some good news. The tough news is that Mary Jane Anderson, who some of you may know from her many years of service in LibraryLand, has been battling cancer; not only that, just before this diagnosis, she had a bad fall and shattered her femur. Mary Jane is now […]