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Category Archives: Standards Schmandards

Top Technology Trends, ALA Midwinter 2008

Mild post updates: First, if you are attending Midwinter and want to see the LITA Trendsters in action, it’s Sunday, January 13, 2008, 8-10 a.m., LOEWS Congress B. The session will be recorded, but we’re so much more fun f2f. Second, under interoperability/open data I’d add NISO’s ballot item to establish a working group on […]

Toward Standards 2.0

Over on TechEssence, Roy Tennant has posted a manifesto about library software. The part of the manifesto that hit me most was the list of consumer responsibilities… and though the manifesto is good and deserves discussion on its own point, I’m going to drift in another direction. I just spent two days among very smart, […]