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Category Archives: Two Minutes Hate

My latest on Techsource: My Peeve List

I wrote my latest Techsource post while sweltering in my skivvies in my tiny office… I took on pretty much every major technology peeve I have. Well, I probably have a few more. Do you? Bookmark to:

Why I Don’t Own a Gun

Nearby lives a guy with a garage band. Unfortunately, he also has a garage. Sometimes he plays in the band. Other times he plays with himself. A lot. Mostly with the guitar, unfortunately. We call the police. A lot. But he has the rules down pat, and we only call when it’s clear he is […]

Does “S” Stand for Satan?

Update: supposedly most of the problems have been ironed out… we’ll see. How many hours have I spent on this? I’ve been on the phone for an hour now. I particularly liked how the SBC rep answered the phone today, “How can I provide you with excellent customer service?” I spelled it out, in a […]

Yahoo Mail Abuse

My blog is being spammed very heavily by an email address from Yahoo, — 495 messages in the last 24 hours. Fortunately, due to Movable Type’s excellent comment registration, the spam isn’t posted on the blog itself; I just have a lot (hundreds) of comments to delete from this address inside the blog, not […]