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Tallahassee Nonfiction Workshop: Drivers Wanted

I sent this in to the Tallahassee Writer’s Association newsletter, but heck–why not post it here and see what floats up? Feel free to share elsewhere.

Seeking (or prepared to establish) a local Tallahassee-area workshop for serious writers of creative nonfiction (essays, memoir, nonfiction stories, travel writing, etc.) working on short or book-length manuscripts and looking for rigorous close readings, useful feedback for manuscripts in work, and a supportive, encouraging atmosphere (that means, at minimum, we always bring snacks to our meetings, we push one another to submit our work, and we know what a “good rejection” is). I am a writer new to Tallahassee but have organized and participated in workshops elsewhere. Drop me a note if you’re interested: kgs at (or comment on this entry)

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