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My ALA Council Ballot, So Far

The ALA election ends on April 24, and I’ve really got to get my ballot filled out and submitted. In no particular order I list the people I’ve already added to my ballot for ALA Council (the governing body for the American Library Association, which elects the Executive Board, which really runs the show):

Chris Harris — outstanding go-getter in the school media world; as the developers say, “++”
Marilyn L. Hinshaw — Marilyn’s a good person, hard worker, good rep
Christine Lind Hage — Christine is smart, fun, and a thinker, and knows ALA well
Courtney L. Young — Active in NMRT, good rep
Peter D. Hepburn — Smart, forward-thinking, a diplomat
Aaron W. Dobbs — Please! Vote for Aaron! He’s a tech type with many great insights… that we can’t elect Aaron drives me crazy (and he *won’t stop* until he’s elected!)
Trevor A. Dawes — Astute, creative, wide-ranging thinker/leader
Dale Poulter — Strong tech background, would help move us forward
June A. Pinnell-Stephens — A long-time ALA leader in intellectual freedom, a lot of fun, and a good soul (as are all these folks, really)

Folks I don’t know as well but I’ll vote for based on “friend of a friend” recommendations:

Linda Shippert
Clayton S. Garthwait
Tiffani Conner

Did I leave off anyone else? Do not go cry in your pillow… it’s a very long ballot and though I agree on mixing the order on it, I get a bit overwhelmed. I won’t necessarily agree with your suggestions, but you’re welcome to post them. (There are some people I’m very intentionally not voting for, but you’ll have to go off-blog for that info.)

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