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Category Archives: Gender and Librarianship

Movers and Shakers and Candlestick Makers

(Sorry, I just had to rhyme.) Library Journal has announced its annual Movers and Shakers, and it’s a very good batch. Unfortunately, LJ’s website is so kabobbled that you’re best off exploring M&S 2008 through Jessamyn’s short list or Connie Crosby’s longer list. I was the “second” on the nomination for Tim Spalding, so I’m […]

March 8, 2007: Sisters, Sisters!

On March 8, 2007, netbib, Germany’s best observed library-related weblog, will feature an “all-women’s day,” featuring a call for postings by women on Web/Library 2.0 issues, to be posted on that day Ladies, may I ask you to participate? Gentlemen, can I ask you to reach out to the woman (or women) you know have […]

Children of Men, Gender, and Library IT

Last night another liberrian and I went to see Children of Men, a dystopian extravanganza based on P.D. James’ 1992 novel where the core premise is that humans have been infertile for eighteen years. One of the questions this movie explores is “What would a world without children look like?” The answer, it appears, is […]

2.0: Where are the women?

Measured in terms of actual participation: OCLC’s report on Web 2.0 features five men and one woman. Sunday’s LITA Top Tech Trends Panel at ALA: seven men, including the moderator; one woman (me). ALA’s “Future of Search” presentation: three men. Yes, I’m just plucking three events/publications out of the recent bibliomiasma… but these are all […]