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2.0: Where are the women?

Measured in terms of actual participation:

OCLC’s report on Web 2.0 features five men and one woman.

Sunday’s LITA Top Tech Trends Panel at ALA: seven men, including the moderator; one woman (me).

ALA’s “Future of Search” presentation: three men.

Yes, I’m just plucking three events/publications out of the recent bibliomiasma… but these are all big-buzz hoo-hahs.

I’m not pointing fingers. But here’s a fact: we just don’t have enough women engaged in key discussions of the day.

Provocative questions #1: are women less willing to do what it takes to get to a conference, get recognized, get published? As a group, are we shy about being Shameless Hussies?

Provocative questions #2: are they-what-does-thepickin’ less likely to recognize women for their ability to contribute to current issues? Is the bar set higher for women? (Note how I didn’t single out one gender here.)

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