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Open source software in school libraries

On top of everything else, teetering in the breeze, I have a July 7 deadline for a short article in School Library Journal on open source software in school libraries. I haven’t done a lick of work on this article and will be extracting it from various orifices beginning July 3, when I return from ALA. (Yes, that sounds insane. Welcome to my world.)

At ALA I am supposed to meet with Chris Harris (author of the recent “Drupal in Libraries” among other illustrious credits to his name) for a Vulcan mind-meld, and if that doesn’t happen I’ll simply follow him to upstate New York after ALA and stare at him until the thoughts flow my direction.

BUT… if you have anything to share about this topic (school media centers using open source, OSS particularly well-suited to that library environment, websites, people, sources, anecdotes, potato chips — well, not potato chips, though I do love them), I would be your best friend for LIFE. Unless you think I’m a little creepy, in which case I would promise to forever leave you alone.

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