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Category Archives: Library 2.0

if:book notices libraries using tagging

In the “Noticed by Muggles” Department, The Institute for the Future of the Book notes (approvingly, I assume) that the University of Pennsylvania library catalog is offering user tagging. My murky brain wonders if other libraries are doing this… Bookmark to:

The User Is Not Broken: A meme masquerading as a manifesto

Launched after a discussion with a passionate young librarian who cares. Please challenge, change, add to, subtract from, edit, tussle with, and share these thoughts. —————— All technologies evolve and die. Every technology you learned about in library school will be dead someday. You fear loss of control, but that has already happened. Ride the […]

L2 Instruction in an L1 Environment

Folks here and there have observed that Michael Stephens and Jenny Levine are doing a bang-up job leading instruction in an innovative Library 2.0 Boot Camp, complete with blogs, wikis, podcasts, and bards, but as Greg over at Open Stacks notes, something is a twee awry with the technical environment they were provided. This isn’t […]

What Michael and Alane and Stephen Said!

Part of being on the bus is understanding we’re not driving it alone any more… or as I’ve said in the past, information is increasingly a conversation. Bookmark to:

The Pew Report: Because That’s Where The Money Is

Sarah “Librarian in Black” Houghton blogged a response to a message I posted to the California Library Association list as my contribution to a discussion about the Pew Internet and American Life report announcing that the Web for many people is increasingly a leisure destination. Good response from her, but I am repeating my post […]