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MT Plugin Manager

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time horsing around with the new MT Plugin Manager, which offers vastly simplified installation and one-stop management for a slew of plugins available for Movable Type.

I used the Plugin Manager to install four plugins; I implemented one, Entry, which I used to create the “Current Hot Topic” feature on Free Range Librarian. Using the Plugin Manager was faster and easier than downloading a plugin, extracting it, uploading it into the correct directories, and so forth. Plugin Manager automates the process so it’s fast and (a few bugs nothwithstanding) relatively foolproof.

I understand that many authors whipped up these plugins for other code-savvy MT fans, and they don’t need extensive documentation. Still, I’d like to see more examples of some of the plugins. RSS Feed comes to mind; I have it installed but have no idea how to implement it, even though I have a pretty good idea what it does. I was also disappointed that Photo Gallery didn’t work; I posted a note with the Bug Tracker.

But overall, MT Plugin Manager is terrific. If you like Movable Type plugins, this resource is a must.

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