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Bloglines E-Mail Posting: A problem

Oh ho… a problem. I’ve written the Bloglines folks.

Ruth Seid of Los Angeles PL captured it in a nutshell: “Okay. I can’t figure out how to subscribe to PUBLIB on bloglines. I know there’s a way to subscribe to an address different from the one you use to send the subscribe command, but then doesn’t it ask for confirmation? In which case I can’t answer, because you can’t send from the bloglines email.”

Most list software requires confirmation of one sort or another. I’m curious what Bloglines will say.

Meanwhile, tut-tut to me for touting a featured I hadn’t tested. I wouldn’t have caught this problem with PUBLIB, because as a list co-moderator I would simply subscribe myself with goddess-like command-line capabilities, but I would have caught it had I tried any list where I was a rank & file subscriber.

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