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ALA Election Update

We’re up to 6,756 total ballots so far in ALA’s election. Last week this time, 5,231 e-ballots had been submitted. So in the last 7 days almost 900 ballots were submitted. Also, the paper people are starting to send in their ballots, bringing the total for the week to over 1,500 ballots. 17 days into the 52-day election period, we’re 2/3 of the way toward last year’s total participation.

Don’t forget to vote!


From ALA:

As of April 1, 2004:

Electronic ballots submitted 6,122

Paper ballots submitted 634

Total 6,756

Total votes in 2003 election: 9,844

Web email and paper ballot mailing have been completed.

We will send email reminders to members who have not voted (or who have “parked” their ballots) on April 5 and April 19. Please cast your ballot!

We will update you regularly.


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