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ALA Election Update

The rate of submission is predictably slowing; the question is whether the rate of submission will slow even further. In the last six days, ALA has received only about 250 ballots (as of April 3, we had 6,756 ballots submitted). All ballots must be received by April 25.

From ALA:


As of April 8, 2004:

Electronic ballots submitted: 7,066

Paper ballots submitted: 1,243

Total: 8,309

Total votes in 2003 election: 9,844


An email reminder to vote was sent on April 5. Another will be sent on April 19.

Paper ballot mailing was completed on March 24 (one week earlier than last year).

If you requested a paper ballot and have not received it, please contact by Monday, April 12. All requests for paper ballots that have been received to date will be mailed on or before Monday, April 12.

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